'Har final mein Australia kaise pahunch jaati hai?' - Fans react as Australia defeats Pakistan by one wicket in U-19 World Cup 2024

Australia has defeated Pakistan by one wicket in the U-19 World Cup 2024 and will play against India in the finals on Sunday, February 11.

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Australia defeated Pakistan in the U-19 World Cup 2024. (Source: Twitter)

Be it the WTC or the World Cup 2024, one common team to qualify was Australia. They did it again. Australia has defeated Pakistan by one wicket in the U-19 World Cup 2024. It is safe to say that the Aussies' never giving up attitude has done wonders for their team. At one point it felt like the match slipped out of their hands, however, the young lads did their best to win the semi-final 2. Now, they'll play against India in the finals. 

On winning the toss, Australia decided to ball first. They did a pretty decent job in dismissing the Pakistan team to 179 runs. Except for three batters, Shamly Hussain (17), Axan Awais (52), and Arafat Minhas (52), no other batter scored in double digits. It was because of Awais and Minhas that the team reached a total of 179 runs. Tom Straker, the Aussies pacer, claimed a six-wicket haul in the semi-final 2. 

Australia's batting collapsed as well. However, their condition wasn't as bad as their opponents. Even though most batters reached double figures, they failed to stick around for a longer time resulting in creating pressure for the batters who were on the crease. Harry Dixon gave a tough fight till the end as he scored 50 runs off 75 balls. Following him Ollie Peake took the team's charge and scored 49 runs off 75 balls. Pakistan's Ali Raza took four wickets and almost won the match for his team. But Australia's persistent attitude helped them win the match. 

India Vs Australia finals on Sunday

Yet again, on a bright Sunday, India and Australia will play a World Cup final. However, this time, the U-19 teams will face each other in the U-19 World Cup 2024 finals. After three months, it's time to see the young lads face the mighty Aussies again. All the Indians are hoping for a different result this time than what happened three months ago.

Both the teams seem to have a strong side in terms of batting and bowling. Moreover, just like the senior team, the junior team has remained unbeaten throughout the tournament. Nonetheless, it will be intriguing to see the match results on Sunday. 





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