Indian Cricket Board likely to introduce new T10 league to create more interest

Indian Cricket Board is keen to introduce a new T10 league to create more interest in the game. The proposed initiative though has created skepticism as the future of cricket is at stake.

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Leading financial outlet Moneycontrol has come up with a report regarding a new T10 league that is on the anvil. As per reports the Indian Cricket Board wants to introduce the newest cricketing sensation a ‘Tier2’ Cricket league.

According to the website the league could be launched in early 2024. Indian Cricket Board secretary Jay Shah is reportedly working on the final and finer aspects regarding the league.

There are mixed responses as far as the proposal for the new league is concerned. Many fear that the popularity of the IPL may dwindle with the T10 league taking fruition. On the other hand, others are welcoming the move in a bid to create more interest.

New T10 league set to affect the cricketing future?

If everything goes well the Indian Cricket Board and Jay Shah could set the ball rolling for a new T10 league. The launch of the league could be announced early next year. According to Moneycontrol, a leading financial website, the proposed league is being given serious work. 

As per the website, Jay Shah is putting into place the final details for the new league. September and October 2024 could be when the new league could see its first steps being taken. Anonymous sources reveal various sponsors and stakeholders with the board are keen to see the league take shape. 

If everything falls into place then the league could be played in a Tier-2 format. But there are a few apprehensions that have been put forward to the board. One of the biggest concerns is if the new league will have any impact on the IPL.

Since 2008, IPL has been the staple for summer cricket in India with massive money being pumped into the league. There are four key areas of concern ahead of the launch of the T10 league.

1- There is a need for a T10 league considering the roaring success of IPL?

2-  The likely need for an “Age Cap’ in a bid to keep the popularity of IPL intact.

3-  Is there a need to consider new bidders or should current IPL franchise owners be considered

4-   Will the new tournament be India exclusive or will it be played in different parts of the world?

A source who remained nameless said “Whenever the Indian Cricket Board decided to launch a new property, points number 1 and 3 will always continue to remain the same given that cricket sells like no other product in India. It is the 2nd point that the Indian board might want to think twice about”

If the new league does come into effect many insiders feel that it could spell an end to the 50-over format. India had recently hosted the ODI World Cup 2023 with great success. As per sources bilateral cricket could go for a toss. 

As per another insider Cricket Boards who do not get enough money via home Bilateral cricket could opt for a revenue sharing model. In this case, the Indian Cricket Board will get a lot of leverage and that could spell doom for ODI cricket. The future that heads towards franchise cricket could be hastened and international cricket could face bleak times.   

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