ODI World Cup 2023: Two spots up for grabs in Champions Trophy 2025

ODI World Cup 2023: Two out of the remaining four teams, namely England, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands, are vying for the last two qualification spots in the prestigious Champions Trophy 2025

Sarah Andrew
Nov 10, 2023 14:38 IST
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Joss Buttler, Shakib Al Hasan, Kusal Mendis, Scott Edwards ( Source: Twitter)

The ongoing World Cup 2023 in India not only showcases the pursuit of cricketing excellence but also serves as a pathway for qualification to the highly anticipated Champions Trophy 2025 in Pakistan. The league-stage positions in this 10-team tournament will play a pivotal role in determining which eight teams will secure a coveted spot in the elite event two years down the line. While six teams have already secured their berth, the competition for the remaining two slots is heating up and involves England, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands.

Current Qualifiers:

As of now, six teams have already stamped their tickets to the Champions Trophy 2025. These include the three semi-finalists, India, South Africa, and Australia, hosts -Pakistan, New Zealand and the sixth-placed Afghanistan

Qualification Scenarios:

The competition for the last two spots is intensifying among England, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands. Let's take a closer look at the qualification criteria for each of these four teams:

1. England:

   - England has managed to rise from the bottom of the table to the seventh spot after an emphatic win against the Netherlands.

   - To secure their qualification, they need to win against Pakistan in their final league game at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

   - However, merely winning is not sufficient. England also requires both Bangladesh and the Netherlands to lose their final matches.

   - Even if England wins, the margin of victory must not only surpass Pakistan but also ensure they surpass Afghanistan on the points table based on the net run rate (NRR).

   - In the case of a loss, England aims to maintain a higher NRR than Sri Lanka while expecting either Bangladesh or the Netherlands to lose their matches.

2. Bangladesh:

   - Bangladesh faces a formidable challenge in their quest to qualify for the Champions Trophy 2025.

   - They share the same number of points as England but stand below them on the points table due to a significantly worse NRR.

   - In their final match in Pune, Bangladesh faces five-time champions Australia, whom they haven't beaten in ODIs since 2005.

   - For qualification, Bangladesh must win against Australia and significantly improve their NRR.

   - In case of a loss, they need to ensure that the margin of loss doesn't drop them below Sri Lanka in the points table, while also hoping for the Netherlands to lose their last match.

3. Sri Lanka:

   - Sri Lanka has completed their league games in the World Cup 2023 but faces uncertainty regarding their qualification.

   - They currently stand below England and Bangladesh on the points table.

   - To secure a spot in the Champions Trophy, Sri Lanka needs two of England, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands to lose by substantial margins, which would positively impact their NRR.

4. Netherlands:

   - The Netherlands, following a massive 160-run loss to England in their previous match, find themselves at the bottom of the points table with a dismal NRR.

   - To achieve the unprecedented feat of making it to the Champions Trophy for the first time, they must beat the semi-final-bound India.

   - Merely winning is not enough; the margin of victory must be substantial.

   - They also need one of Bangladesh or England to suffer a significant loss to secure their qualification through NRR.

The World Cup 2023 has lived up to its reputation as a thrilling and unpredictable tournament. As the final league matches approach, the fate of the four teams competing for the Champions Trophy 2025 qualification remains uncertain. Cricket fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the outcome, as the tournament's conclusion will determine which teams will make the cut and which will miss out on this prestigious opportunity. Stay tuned for the exciting action on the field.

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