'Samay samay ki baat hai Cummins bhai' - Fans react as Pat Cummins comments on the news of Travis Head 'giving birth to 11 Indian sons'

Australia's Test and ODI skipper Pat Cummins has been criticized by the fans for liking a derogatory post against the India Cricket Team recently.

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Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins (Source: Twitter)

Australia clinched their sixth ODI World Cup title in a thrilling final against India in 2023, marking a moment of celebration for the team and their fans. However, the joyous occasion took an unexpected turn when an Australian media page posted a derogatory and insulting message on Instagram targeting the Indian cricket team.

The post in question featured a photoshopped image of Australian cricketer Travis Head portrayed as a mother giving birth, with 11 sons whose faces were morphed to resemble Indian team players. The caption, titled "MODERN MIRACLE," sarcastically described Head, a Craigmore local, as a "South Australian man with strong facial hair" who miraculously gave birth to 11 fully grown Indian cricketers. The post claimed that this unusual birthing event broke multiple records and left medical experts baffled.

Australian cricketers Pat Cummins, Glenn Maxwell, and former captain Aaron Finch reportedly liked the Instagram post, adding fuel to the controversy. Cummins even commented with four laughing emojis, further intensifying the backlash from cricket fans.

Controversial post-ODI World Cup victory: Australian cricketers under fire for insulting Team India

The derogatory nature of the post and the involvement of notable Australian cricketers sparked outrage among fans and the cricketing community. Many criticized the post for its insensitivity and lack of sportsmanship, emphasizing the need for mutual respect and camaraderie among players, regardless of the match outcome.

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The Instagram post drew attention not only for its disrespectful content but also for the reactions it garnered from cricket personalities. Social media users expressed disappointment at the lack of professionalism displayed by the Australian cricketers involved.

The incident raises questions about the responsibility of athletes on social media and the impact of their actions on the spirit of the game. As discussions around the controversy continue, cricket fans and pundits alike await potential responses from Cricket Australia and the players involved. The incident serves as a reminder that, in the age of social media, the actions of sports personalities are subject to scrutiny, and maintaining a sense of respect and fair play remains essential for the integrity of the sport.

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