WATCH- Jasprit Bumrah's agony changes to ecstasy as he dismisses Ben Duckett during Hyderabad Test vs England

Bumrah's fiery spell puts India firmly in command as England struggles to impart consistent pressure. England will need nothing short of a miracle to win this Test match.

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Jasprit Bumrah (Source: Twitter)

Jasprit Bumrah (Source: Twitter)

Jasprit Bumrah isn't just a fast bowler; he's a magician, weaving spells with a bewildering array of deliveries. Each ball explodes from his unorthodox action, a mystery wrapped in a searing pace. Is it the searing yorker that kisses the turf? Or the late-swinging inswinger that kisses the bails? Bumrah keeps the batsman guessing, a puppeteer in charge of the willow's dance. His slower ones stutter in mid-air, defying expectations, while his bouncers climb mischievously, testing reflexes and judgment.

Bumrah is a kaleidoscope of chaos, constantly morphing, never offering a comfortable rhythm. Batsmen face a barrage of questions, each delivery a riddle wrapped in an enigma. It's this constant reinvention, this unpredictable genius, that makes Bumrah not just brilliant, but borderline supernatural. With his deceptive arsenal, Bumrah has stood out as an architect of Indian victories. He's been the X-factor in the lineup, making him India's talisman, their sorcerer with the cherry in hand.

England faces Bumrah's music

Jasprit Bumrah has spearheaded India's bowling attack with the scintillating display on the third day of the ongoing Test against England in Hyderabad. His sharp spells have yielded two crucial wickets and mesmerizing figures of 2-21 at tea. Bumrah's victims hold immense significance. Dismissing Ben Duckett, known for his explosive and game-changing bursts, was a strategic blow to stifle England's momentum. His second scalp, the legendary Joe Root, a titan of contemporary batting, further tightened India's grip on the innings.

However, today, it was the wicket of Duckett which meant a little more to Bumrah and there is a huge reason for that. Duckett, England's swashbuckling opener, looked primed to unleash his fiery strokes. Then, Bumrah unleashed a venomous inswinger, trapping him plumb LBW. Yet, the umpire's finger remained stubbornly unraised, convinced the ball would slink down leg. Wicketkeeper Bharat and captain Rohit, swayed by the angle, held back the review.

Replays, however, were a stark counterpoint. The ball, they revealed, would have kissed the bails with a whisper, a missed opportunity that painted frustration on Rohit's face and etched disbelief on Bumrah's. The near miss hung heavy in the air, a silent testament to the game's capricious nature.

But fate, it seems, had other plans. Just a few overs later, Bumrah found his redemption. Another searing delivery crashed through Duckett's defences, scattering the bails in a satisfying clatter. This time, the roar of the crowd and Bumrah's animated celebration spoke volumes. It was a wicket savoured, a stolen opportunity reclaimed with fiery zeal.

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