Deandra Dottin questions controversial exclusion from the inaugural Women's T20 League by Gujarat

Deandra Dottin questioned her exclusion from the inaugural Women's T20 League with a detailed statement on Twitter.

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Deandra Dottin questions exclusion

Deandra Dottin questions exclusion (Source: Twitter)

Deandra Dottin of the West Indies has stated the Gujarat team's controversial withdrawal of her from the first Women's T20 League. Dottin had been left out for medical reasons, claimed Gujarat, and replaced with Kim Garth. The player denied those allegations by posting cryptic remarks on her social media accounts, which stoked the dispute.

She has now provided her account of the events in a thorough statement shared on Twitter. In the statement, Dottin notes that her talks with the Adani-group-headed franchise had left her "disappointed" and the exclusion having "bewildering reasoning".

"At the commencement of the tournament, the franchise claimed that I was excluded from the team because I was apparently 'recovering from a medical situation'. This was followed by a subsequent, clarifying statement that contended that I was, in fact, 'unable to obtain medical clearance' despite being granted as recently as February 20."

Deandra Dottin was advised till the middle of February for her injury

"I would like to make it clear that I had experienced minor abdominal pain and swelling for which I had sought treatment in December 2022. This was followed by two further referrals to specialists for second opinions in December and January 2023, respectively. Following testing and investigations by the specialists, I was asked to rest until February 13 and was cleared to resume fitness and playing activity from February 14."

Dottin continues by stating that she resumed training with "acceptable" levels of pain about which she had been in contact with the Gujarat physiotherapist.

"However, this was misconstrued and later conveyed to members of the franchise's management as me 'experiencing abdominal pain post-session: which was not what I had indicated,' she said in the statement throwing light on the physio and communication.

She continues by saying that despite her treating surgeon giving her the required clearances and the Giants insisting on another fitness clearance.

"Whilst I was trying my utmost to arrange an expedited CT scan in accordance with the various deadlines I was being served, I received yet another email the following day (sic), this time from the Head of Adani Sportsline, stating that they were unable to find me a timely appointment at a private hospital from their end and that they would, thus, formally be seeking to replace me in the League," she said.

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