'Don't think the group would do anything differently' - Alex Carey feels well-supported after 'nasty' comments for Jonny Bairstow's bizarre dismissal in Test 2 of Ashes 2023

Alex Carey spoke at length about how his teammates helped through the onslaught he had to face after Jonny Bairstow's controversial stumping.

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Alex Carey opens up after Jonny Bairstow dismissal

Alex Carey opens up after Jonny Bairstow dismissal (Source: Twitter)

Australia wicketkeeper Alex Carey had to face a lot of onslaughts from English fans and media for his controversial stumping of Jonny Bairstow on the final day of the Lord’s Test of Ashes 2023. However, following the ‘nasty’ comments about him, Carey has finally broken the silence on the issue, saying that his teammates supported him well during the whole fiasco.

"There's some nasty stuff been said but…it is the Ashes," Carey said. "There was nasty stuff said before that as well. I feel really well supported. I think the whole group does. From Australia, I still think we've got lots of fans and from England, I don't think we've made any, but we probably didn't lose any.

"It's one of those things where a stumping that's given out on the field is turned into a massive story. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I absolutely respect that. Everyone's entitled to their opinion on the spirit of cricket as well. Not just myself, the whole group's had some stuff spoken about them. But we're really tight. We understand what's important and who matters and those guys definitely have our back. We're all in it together, we were all out there, all walked through the Long Room together, and post-match we all discussed it together. Don't think the group would do anything differently," he added.

Australia lead the five-Test Ashes 2023 by 2-1

Alex Carey added, explaining how the dismissal came about, "We were switched on to the fact that it was a bouncer plan and it felt like Jonny was pretty switched on to getting out of the way, he wasn't playing any shots. When he ducked his first movement was pretty much out of his crease, so I instinctively grabbed the ball, threw the stumps down and the rest is history."

Ashes 2023 is quickly reaching its ultimate stages with the scoreline in the series 2-1 in favour of the visitors after three Tests. The fourth Test will be played at the Old Trafford Stadium from July 19, Wednesday. Following this, the final Test will be played at the Oval. Each of these games will be a must-win for England. On the other hand, Australia only need to win one of the two remaining encounters or restrict England from winning either to keep safe of the Urn.

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