343 Industries reveals Forge update for Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite will soon be getting a huge forge update, adding more options for gamers, details to be revealed by the developers at 343 industries soon

Sarah Andrew
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Halo Infinite

Despite a rocky launch, 343 Industries have still not abandoned Halo Infinite. In fact, most of the additions came after the game lost a majority of its player base due to a lack of content.

Forge is one of the most popular modes in Halo. It allows players to make custom levels with enemies and puzzles. Many dedicated players have even made multiple original levels from older Halo games.

The developers also host an open submission for multiplayer maps made in Forge. Few of them even make an appearance in the official map pool. Sometimes, the maps are even available at an event-exclusive level.

What is coming in the new update?

The Content Update 29 (CU29) arrives on January 30. It is set to bring more tools for map creators. It will also feature Forge Mode Creator which will make it easier for creators to combine custom maps and modes with the addition of new assets.

  • Here’s a quick overview of the upcoming update
  1. Covenant palette, featuring over 70 new structure pieces, primitives, accents, and decals.
  2. Forge Mode Creator, making it easier to link community-made maps and modes.
  3. Material swap between foliage and decals.
  4. Further improvements to the Forge AI toolkit and several quality-of-life improvements.

Having more options will give creators more freedom to create things they previously could not. The Forge AI toolkit that enables NPCs to custom maps is also being improved.

The next huge update is mostly dedicated to Forge, with minor fixes to the game. More details are expected to be revealed soon as the date is coming close.

Players are currently happy with the announcement, as 343 is finally adding things people wanted a long time ago. The player count has also slowly increased, but it is nothing major. The game also recently moved from seasonal content for short free Operations.

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