BGMI The Patriot Cup Grand Finals Day 2

Grand Finals Day 2 for BGMI Patriot Cup concludes, few veteran teams still dominating the matches while other struggling to collect rank points

Sarah Andrew
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BGMI The Patriot Cup

The Patriot Cup for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) by Upthrust Esports is in full swing and have concluded its Day 2. Team Tamilas have made their way to the top, with others very close behind.

The second day did not result in a chick dinner for Team Tamilas. However, their placement and finish points were enough. Other teams have also started picking up pace and are giving their best for the grand finals.

Another great performance came from Chemin Esports, who secured two chicken dinners on Day 2. This swiftly put them in the second place. Day 1 champions Reckoning Esports were pushed down to fourth place.

Here are the Day 2 overall standings -

Team Tamilas - 92 points

Chemin Esports - 88 points

Gods Reign - 79 points

Reckoning Esports - 75 points

Orangutan - 73 points

WSB Gaming - 69 points

Aerobotz Esports - 67 points

Autobotz Esports - 63 points

Global Esports - 61 points

GodLike Esports - 59 points

Team Soul - 58 points

Entity Gaming - 53 points

TWM Gaming - 46 points

Hyderabad Hydras - 46 points

OREsports - 37 points

Medal Esports - 33 points

The points for top teams are not that far apart. While the tournament is halfway done, the next two days can see a drastic change. Reaching the top for the teams struggling at the lower side is not yet impossible. However, they will have to give their absolute best.

Teams like Global Esports, Team Soul, and GodLike Esports have no time left and will have to make an insane comeback to reach the top three. On the other hand, the top teams are also not ready to give up.

Day 2 top fraggers

Surprisingly, the top three positions for most fraggers were all with 17 finishes. The first position was held by Kaalan from Aerobotz Esports. The second and third positions were secured by AkOP and Drigger from Orangutan.

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