EG to face Grayfox at grand finals of CS2 Multiverse Series

Enigma Gaming and Grayfox will lock horns at the Multiverse Series for Counter Strike 2 by Upthrust Esports, matches will be played in best of three format

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CS2 Multiverse Series

Enigma Gaming beats Firedup Gaming in the semi-finals of The Multiverse Series and will now face Grayfox in the finals. Grayfox on the other hand defeated Local Esports to secure their spot in the finals.

The finals for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) Multiverse Series esports tournament by Upthrust Esports is set to take place on January 26. The tournament features a prize pool of Rs 50,000.

While not the largest tournament, it is great to see PC gaming once again taking off starting this year. Another popular esports organizer, Skyesports will also be hosting a Counter-Strike 2 tournament.

Grayfox Vs Local Esports

Semi-finals were played in a Best-of-Three format, however, Grayfox managed to win both maps, eliminating any possibility of a third match.

Grayfox saw their first match-up on Vertigo, which ended with a score of 13-10. This took them to the next map, Nuke, where Grayfox dominated the game and ended the run with a 13-4 score.

Enigma Gaming Vs Firedup Gaming

The semi-final match between Enigma Gaming and Firedup Gaming were pretty close. However, Enigma Gaming managed to clutch both of the games.

The first match was played on Vertigo, which surprisingly ended with the same 13-10 closure in favour of Enigma Gaming. The second match went to Mirage, where again the team triumphed with a 13-9 scoreline over Firedup Gaming.

Grand Finals Format

Similar to the semi-finals, the grand finals will also be Bo3. Teams will choose and ban their maps. The winner will take home Rs 25,000 cash, while the second-place team will get Rs 15,000.

Apart from the final match, losers of Semi finals will also fight for the third position, featuring a prize of Rs 10,000. Unlike the final match, the third-place match will be played in a Bo1 format.

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