Fans of esports organization TSM losing faith after a disastrous 2023

TSM fans worried as the esports organization loses its grip over North American esports scene, only nine people working in the org as per reports

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Last year, the popular esports organization TSM left the North American League of Legends esports scene. While the League is not the best fit for NA, the fans were banking on the European region.

However, TSM also announced selling their LCS for a whopping $10 million and exited LCS. Their spot was purchased by Shopify Rebellion, who are now one of the 10 partnered teams.

Team owner Andy Dinh has also been silent about the current developments, despite giving hope to fans last year. Many fans are now calling this the ‘death’ of one of the most popular esports organizations.

What is TSM?

TSM is one of the big names in the North American esports scene. The organization boasted several big roasts across multiple esports titles. It was also pretty popular in the League of Legends esports scene.

The League team won several regional championships. However, they were unable to achieve much success outside the NA region, even after making it to the World finals multiple times.

TSM also previously partnered with FTX, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges that collapsed last year. The partnership was a multi-million dollar deal and since they turned out to be a scam, FTX parted ways with them.

After that, the organization announced that they were still “stable and profitable”. Despite that, there were multiple job cuts in the organization, ultimately leading to the org dropping out of LCS.

Duncan “Dunc” Cox, who previously used to handle the social media for TSM, revealed that only nine people were working at TSM. At the time, he was also handed more work as his entire team was let go.

Roster to compete under Shopify Rebellion

As of now, there is no official statement from TSM on the matter. Their League of Legends roster will participate under the new LSC-partnered org, Shopify Rebellion.

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