Spacestation Gaming giving Apex Legends another shot

Spacestation Gaming is back from hiatus and now acquired roster of orgless team PLP to compete in the Apex Legends tournament, team features Apex veterans

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Spacestation Gaming

After taking a break from the Apex Legends competitive scene, Spacestation Gaming is making a comeback. The esports organization recently signed the PLP ALGS roster and will be moving forward with them.

Here is the new roster for the team -

  • Josue Ruiz - Also known as Phony, he is a veteran and a well-known name in the Apex Legend competitive community. He previously played for Faze and made a name for himself through several big tournaments.
  • Joseph Sanchez - Popularly known as Frexs he previously played under SSG before playing for Faze last year. He is one of the oldest Apex pros and has played for many popular organizations.
  • Brody Geissler - Fairly new to the Apex Legends esports, he is also known as Xynew. This young Apex pro has been slowly making a name for himself in the community.

Apart from that, Dan Barbour will be acting as the coach and analyst for the team. He was previously with Faze as their coach, who managed to secure sixth place in last year’s ALGS.

While playing for PLP, the team already performed really well against some of the biggest Apex Legends Teams. Their performance also managed to get them a substantial fan following. With the contract signed with SSG, the team will be taking part in the upcoming ALGS Pro League.

Looking at their recent matches, both the organization and fans will have high expectations. The team is currently aiming to bag the LAN championship. With the current roster, everyone believes it is very much possible.

Apex Legends is one of the few games that the North American region still has a grip over. Other games like Counter Strike and League of Legends have only seen disappointments in the last few years.

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