VCT EMEA Kickoff 2024; Group Stage teams and matches

Check out all the VCT EMEA Kickoff teams and formats, matches start February 6 and will follow the new point system for Valorant esports by Riot Games

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The Valorant Champions Tour 2024 EMEA is set to start this month and all the teams and their match ups have been announced. Eleven teams will face each other, with only two getting a spot for Masters Madrid.

VCT EMEA will also follow the new point system by Riot Games. Pliers are excited to see the best teams from last year, Fnatic and Team Liquid, back in action. Matches will be played in three parts, Group Stages, Play-In and Playoffs.

Group Stages format

Teams will be divided into three groups. Since there are 11 teams, one of the groups will only have three teams. Below are the team groups -

  • Group A - FUT Esports, Team Heretics, GiantX, Karmine Corp

  • Group B - NAVI, BBL Esports, Team Liquid, KOI

  • Group C - Team Vitality, Gentle Mates, Fnatic

As per the rules, the team with the best finish in the last season will be in the group of three and get a bye. Fnatic will get a ‘bye’ and will play one less match in its group.

Matches will be played in a double-elimination format. The top teams from each group will move to the Playoffs. All matches will be played in best-of-three.

Group Stage match-ups

  • February 20

    FUT Esports Vs Team Heretics (Group A)

    Karmine Corp Vs GiantX (Group A)
  • February 21

    NAVI Vs BBL Esports (Group B)

    Team Liquid Vs KOI (Group B)

    Gentle Mates Vs Team Vitality (Group C)


Teams who lost in group finals will go to Play-Ins where one team will get another chance to qualify for Playoffs. Matches will be best-of-three in a Single Round-Robin group. One team will get a chance to qualify for the Playoffs.


Four teams will play in a Single-Elimination bracket. Teams will not get another chance and will have to do their best to qualify for the finals. Matches in the first round will be best-of-three, however, finals will be best-of-five.

While both teams reaching the finals will qualify for VCT Masters Madrid, the winner will also receive 3 EMEA Points.

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