Chelsea's Reece James set to be ruled out for half of English Premier League 2023-24

Chelsea's Reece James has been ruled out from the ongoing English Premier League 2023-24 due to a hamstring injury till February-March next year.

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Chelsea's Reece James

Chelsea's Reece James (Image Credit: Twitter)

Chelsea's football player Reece James has been ruled out of the ongoing English Premier League 2023-24 till February-March next year. During his team's match against Everton last weekend with the Blue Brigade, Chelsea lost by 0-2. Notably, James' injury comes as a recurrence of his previous hamstring issues, which had sidelined him for two months earlier in the current campaign.

Despite being considered one of the premier full-backs globally, James has struggled with persistent injuries. The latest setback poses significant concerns for both him and the Chelsea management.

Chelsea’s manager, Mauricio Pochettino, expressed his disappointment over losing such a pivotal player, emphasizing the difficulty of adapting the team’s dynamics mid-game. This setback not only impacts Chelsea’s immediate fixtures but also adds to the broader concern regarding James’ overall fitness and availability for the remainder of the season.

“Of course for us he is an important player, one of the best full-backs in the world. It is really disappointing because after 15 or 20 minutes we were playing well and I think this type of circumstance makes us change.”

‘We hadn’t given away many chances and then you need to move things to make some changes. Even when Reece went off the team was pushing and playing well. ” Mauricio Pochettino added.

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