Former Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed opens up on 'my answer is also same' incident

Former Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed became a meme material when he said 'My answer is same' ahead of IND-PAK game in 2019 World Cup.

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Virat Kohli, Sarfaraz Ahmed

Virat Kohli, Sarfaraz Ahmed (Image Credit: Twitter)

Ahead of the India-Pakistan game in the 2019 ODI World Cup, the then-Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed went viral after saying, 'My answer is same'. The statement became viral and the 2017 Champions Trophy-winning captain became meme material. Apparently, the then-India skipper Virat Kohli and Ahmed were asked about the intensity of the Indo-Pak game. The latter had asked Kohli to answer the question.

Kohli said "Look India vs Pakistan is always a very anticipated match but we keep saying this again and again that if you ask the players, it's very different to how the fans look at the game. Yes, you feel the anticipation and excitement of the players as soon as you enter the stadium but the moment you step on to the field, it's professional. A bowler trying to execute his skills, the batsman trying to execute his to the best of his potential. For us it's just another game that you need to win as a team. Yes it brings pressure because the atmosphere in the stadium is very different. And as I said, you only experience that till the time you start competing in the game. But as soon as you get in there, at the end of the day, it's a game of cricket for all of us. That's the truth, that's what the cricketers from both sides feel."

Virat started answering the question and didn't stop for a while: Sarfaraz Ahmed

Meanwhile, almost four years after the incident, the 2006 U19 World Cup winner spoke about the incident. He said that when Kohli started answering the question, he didn't stop.

"When we asked about the hype surrounding an India vs Pakistan match and how we react when people ask us for tickets, I said you can ask Virat first. I told him brother, why don't you answer first? And Virat just started and went on. The PC was in England. I looked at him and it was like 'Bhai kab rukega? (When will he stop?'). He kept using long words in English and all I could think of at that moment was 'Who is going to translate all of this?'. I kept listening and said 'Same answer'. I thought this is a simple question but Virat gave such a long answer" Sarfaraz said during the interaction on the Nadir Ali Podcast.

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