Apex Legends Season 20 new map and care package rotations

The latest update for Apex Legends will bring multiple changes, here are the latest map and weapon rotations coming in the latest season in both ranked and casual game modes

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The new season for Apex Legends will bring a complete overhaul to the gameplay. However, the base remains the same. This includes your regular map rotation, care package rotation, and the gunplay with your squad.

Map rotations

While the game has five maps as of now, they are not always playable at the same time. This helps in keeping things fresh in seasonal updates. Maps that are not available also come back with a rework to further enhance the gameplay experience.

Season 20 will feature three maps in the rotation. These include -

Storm Point

Worlds Edge


Storm Point was also a part of season 19 and will be available in the upcoming season. Along with that, another fan favourite, Worlds Edge, is also being added to the rotation with Olympus.

The Mixtape playlist will also be getting map changes. New rotations include -


Worlds Edge: Lava Siphon

Storm Point: Barometer


Team Deathmatch


Storm Point: Watsons Pylon


Gun Run

Worlds Edge: Fragment East


Storm Point: ZEUS Station

Weapon rotations

Weapon is now a guaranteed drop in the care package as of last season. As for the upcoming season, players will see four weapons available through the care package. One of these weapons will be available in the care package.

The weapons include -

Kraber - The most powerful sniper rifle in the game, this weapon is not available anywhere except the care package.

Bocek - The only bow in the game will stay in the care packed for season 20 also. While not as powerful as other weapons, it is certainly fun to play.

Wingman - The desert eagle of Apex Legends, it is the most powerful hand cannon in the game and will be available only in care packages.

EVA 8 - The EVA-8 will be replacing the Prowler SMG in season 20. This shotgun will be available as a fully kitted care package drop in season 20.

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