Bethesda to introduce 'big update' to Starfield, fans aren’t impressed

Bethesda is starting this year with a huge update to last year's Starfield that improves visuals, fixes multiple quest related and general bugs

Sarah Andrew
New Update

Bethesda announced biggest update to Starfield (Source: X)

Bethesda has announced that the upcoming Starfield update will resolve over 100 bug fixes along with improving performance and gameplay issues. It is dubbed as the biggest update to the game yet by the developers.

However, this can just be considered as a warm-up to the new year as the company have planned a “six weeks” schedule starting in February. In this, the developers plan to further improve the game, both visual and internal.

What’s changing?

In a brief post, Bethesda revealed that the update will fix various bugs across the game. Furthermore, it will also improve the texture, lighting and shadows along with adding several QoL improvements.

“This update contains a multitude of fixes to Quests. Eye of the Storm issues such as being unable to dock with the Legacy or data transfer not starting, and Temples not showing up in Into the Unknown, will no longer prevent Constellation from exploring the cosmos,” the official post said.

Full patch notes will be available on launch and the update will be in the next two weeks. Before that, players who own the game can go into the beta branch and check out the chances starting January 17.

What do players have to say?

While it is good that the developers are still updating the game, players are asking for other crucial updates and not some miscellaneous changes. The announcement also did not stop people from trolling Bethesda.

Despite the massive launch, the game faced a lot of criticism. This was due to a lack of content, multiple load screens, and uninteresting space exploration, which was one of the biggest power points for the game.

The game was released last year in September and since then, the player count has been falling compared to previous Bethesda titles. Fans of the gaming studio have called the game out for lack of innovation.

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