BGMI among top five most watched mobile esports of 2023

Under one year after being unbanned, BGMI has become one of the top five most-watched mobile gaming titles of 2023, expected to reach the top three in 2024

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BGMI becomes the top 5 most-watched mobile game

Mobile gaming is undoubtedly growing at an immense rate. Due to how affordable and efficient they are, people can not play games anywhere. Among all of them, some games have a massive fan base.

Tournaments for these games bring in large numbers of viewers and watch hours. Last year was also no different, and a report by eScharts revealed what games people were watching in 2023.

Among the top five was every Indian gamer’s beloved Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Ever since BGMI was unbanned, there has been a surge in its player count once again. Thanks to the massive player and fan count, the game shot to the top in popularity once again.

So much so that the game managed to reach the top five in watch time within half a year. The report reveals that Battleground Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 contributed the most, with almost 6 million hours.

What’s even more surprising is that BGMI is an Indian variant of PUBG Mobile and only runs in India, despite that, the viewership manages to reach over 25 million hours. The peak viewers count also reached over 2.3 lakh.

The new year has just begun and there are multiple tournaments lined up. It is safe to say that BGMI may very well surpass Free Fire in fourth position, and might even make it to the top three if the pace remains the same for 2024.

Here are the top five games with the most view hours in 2023 -

5. Battlegrounds Mobile India - 26.63 million

4. Free Fire - 37.58 million

3. Arena of Valor/Honor of Kings - 111.39 million

2. PUBG Mobile - 135.01 million

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - 530.16 million

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