BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 Grand Finals Day 2 standings

Grand Finals Day 2 concludes for BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 by Upthrust Esports and the competing teams now have new positions on the leaderboard.

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BGMI Multiverse Series (Source: X)

The second day of the grand finals for BGMI Multiverse Series 2024 by Upthrust Esports has concluded, and the playing teams now have new rankings. For the time being, the top rankings are still dominated by the best teams from the semi-finals, while others are still looking for a chance to shine.

As noted, six matches were played, with Team Tamilas securing a chicken dinner first. The second match saw Revenant Esports as the winner, while the third map was secured by Orangutan. Chemin Esports also found victory in the fourth match with 31 points, while Reckoning Esports took the fifth map with 26 points. The final match was again dominated by Team Tamilas who won with 25 points.

Team Tamilas is back on top with a massive lead of 136 points and three chicken dinners. Following behind, Orangutan with 115 points and two chicken dinners.

Here are the standings for all teams after grand finals' day 2:

Team Tamilas - 136 points

Orangutan - 115 points

Global Esports - 108 points

Medal Esports - 105 points

8Bit - 102 points

GodLike Esports - 95 points

TeamXSpark - 94 points

Reckoning Esports - 90 points

TWM Gaming - 79 points

Aslaaa Esports - 78 points

WSB Gaming - 76 points

Hydra - 75 points

Team Soul - 75 points

Chemin Esports - 73 points

Entity Gaming - 72 points

Revenant Esports - 64 points

iQOO Soul have yet to provide fans with, however, they also had a slow start during the semi-finals. Fans have hope that the teams will give their best once again in upcoming matches.

Day 2 top fraggers

Beast from Global Esports is currently leading the top fragger spot with 26 finishes. Following close behind are SprayGod from TeamXSpark and Mrigl from Team Tamilas, both with 22 finishes each.

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