CoD reportedly do not have lead developer

Upcoming Call of Duty game will be set in the Gulf War, however report suggest that the game still do not have a lead development team to manage the game

Sarah Andrew
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Call of Duty

The upcoming Call of Duty (CoD) game is reportedly being made without a lead developer. Some say the game is being developed by Treyarch, while others believe a different studio is involved. The new game, however, is set in the Gulf War.

Sledgehammer Games has refused to become a year 2 support studio as reported by Tom Henderson. The studio was reportedly forced to finish the half-baked Campaign of Modern Warfare 2 within 16 months.

This ultimately led to a huge backlash due to its short and nonsense story campaign. While the franchise is currently too big and will sell pretty well, the same thing cannot be repeated every year. However, it seems that the company is not done disappointing their fans just yet.

Activision is apparently doing it again

Since Modern Warfare 3 had a very short development window, the team had to make use of an open world style campaign. Maps were just a mash-up of certain elements from old games with unnecessary objectives.

The same style of story mode is also being added to the upcoming CoD. Players can say bye-bye to custom-made linear levels as the company is reportedly shifting to these open world style campaigns.

All of this is thanks to yearly release of CoD games, which has significantly lowered the popularity of its single-player experience. As of now, the game is popular just for its online play, as people breeze through the non-existent campaigns in a few hours.

Modern Warfare 3 was reportedly a DLC expansion made into a game. Players would first have to launch Modern Warfare 2 in order to play. This also prompted Activision to make a single launcher for CoD games called the CoD HQ.

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