VALORANT Patch 8.0 buffs Deadlock abilities: All we know

Riot Games in the upcoming Valorant Episode 8 is buffing Deadlock abilities, the character was earlier considered one of the weakest picks in the video game

Sarah Andrew
New Update


Deadlock in Valorant has faced some criticism since release, as other Sentinels were usually preferred by players more for doing a better job. However, the upcoming update might help Deadlock get more picks and create a new gameplay style.

With these ability buffs, players can expect a proper area lockdown and check flanks for their team. Here all the abilities change -

Barrier Mesh wall

The Barrier Mesh wall in the upcoming update is getting an increase in its radius. With Patch 8.0, the length of the wall from the orb deployed is 10m. Defending players can quickly create a large area to defend the site, and the same goes for attackers after the spike plant.

Previously, the wall was 6m, which forced players to drop the orb at specific points to optimize their defence. The wall blocks all incoming bullets, only allowing players to pass through. This serves as a great way to check angles in the open without worrying about being outplayed.

Sonic Sensor changes

Another massive L comes in the ability to pick up the sonic sensors from its position anytime and place them in other positions. Currently, players can only pick up before the round starts and once you misplace it, there’s no going back.

This will help players in repositioning and changing their strategy if the opponent team decides to attack the other site. Furthermore, it can be picked up from 27 meters after the update. Teammates will also get an audio warning if they are in the area of effect.

Another change to the sonic sensor is the ability to activate half a second faster. While not sound like much of a change, a fast rush creating chaos can often lead to people getting trapped.

Killjoy sees a little nerf

Killjoy, however, is getting a slight nerf to her Turret ability. The Turret will now have 100-degree vision compared to 180 degrees earlier. In order to place it properly, the player will be able to see its radius on the field.

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