Disguised signs ‘The Dojo’ ahead of ALGS Pro League

Disguised Toast signs esports team 'The Dojo' to hit's original DSG ahead of the upcoming ALGS Pro league, the team features iiTzTimmy, Dezignful and Enemy

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Disguised signs ‘The Dojo’ ahead of ALGS Pro League (Source: Twitter)

Right before the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS), professional esports organisation Disguised (DSG) signed the esports team ‘The Dojo’. The current roster for the team consists of iiTzTimmy, Dezignful and Enemy.

Last year, the team created an uproar among the fans after securing the fourth position at the ALGS 2023 Championship. Due to their performance and skill, The Dojo amassed a huge fan following. The team also have a direct invite to the 2024 Pro League season. However, before signing with DSG, The Dojo was organised.

The announcement was made by the DSG owner Disguised Toast and NiceWigg on X revealing the roster along with the coach Bronzey. Disguised Toast revealed that Timmy was not considered at first due to his contract with 100 thieves.

However, the two organizations struck a deal allowing Timmy to play for DSG for the upcoming ALGS Pro League.

Meet the team -

  • iiTzTimmy

Timothy “iitzTimmy” An is a well-known Apex Legends streamer. His entry into the last year’s competitive Apex came as a surprise. However, he immediately started winning people over with his skills and fourth position at ALGS 2023.

  • Dezignful

With multiple tournament wins across his gaming career, Tyler "Dezignful" Gardner has a lot of experience in the competitive Apex Legends Scene. Dezignful has previously played for AimAssist, SolaFide, G2 Esports and Elev8 Gaming before joining The Dojo.

  • Enemy

Alexander "Enemy" Rodriguez is a young Apex player compared to others in the team. Starting his career quite young, Enemy did not get much chance to show off his skills. However, joining The Dojo came as a great boost for him.

Looking at the team’s last year performance, fans and Disguised both are expecting a stellar performance from the players this year. AGLS year 4 will start on January 20 and will feature a combined prize pool of over $5 million.

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