EA announces Apex Legends Nessie Cup featuring $250k prize pool

NA players can now take part in a unique Apex Legends tournament hosted by three popular content creators, game modes consists of various twists

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Apex Legends Nessie Cup

Apex Legends is set to feature the Nessie Cup invitational tournament starting March 7. The event is hosted by popular Apex Legends creators GuhRL, Raynday, and Dazs and will feature a prize pool of $250,000.

One thing to note is that the event is limited to North American region and only available to PC players. Players will also be required to above the age of 16 to participate. If players meet this requirement, they can participate.

The participating players also need to stream their game to other viewers. They won’t be bothered by stream sniping anyway, as the event will feature a variety of modes vastly different from how the game is usually played. These include -

Trios No Weapons : Participants will play melee and abilities only

Apex Legends Mini Games : Win a series of mini BR / Mixtape challenges to advance

Random Royale : Participants will be jostled around across different teams, so that each team is different for each match

Wattson Punch-Out : Players have to kill the Wattson character on the other team via punching


The tournament will feature three invitational rounds hosted by the aforementioned creators over the course of the next two weeks. Matches will be played as per the game modes, and the top players from the invitational compete in the finals on March 28.

Invitational 1 (March 7)

Creator: GuhRL

Format: Apex Legends Mini Games

Invitational 2 (March 14)

Creator: Raynday 

Format: Duos, Team Deathmatch, Control. Points will be attributed to kills 

Added Twist: Random Royale

Invitational 3 (March 21)

Creator: Dazs

Format: Three Strikes + Trios No Weapons + Wattson Punch-Out  

 Added Twist: Random Royale

Grand Finals (March 28)

  • Game 1: Three Strikes
  • Game 2: Hide and Seek 
  • Game 3: Trios With No Weapons
  • Game 4 : Snipers + Shotguns Only
  • Game 5: Offense vs. Defense with 30 Assaults and 30 Controllers
  • Game 6: Trios with No Weapons
  • Added Twist throughout the Finals: Random Royale
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