Palworld sells over 1 million copies in just 8 hours

Palworld launches with over 1 million copies sold in just 8 hours of launch, game servers are now overloaded with over 500,000 concurrent players

Sarah Andrew
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The new online open-world survival game Palworld has reportedly sold over 1 million copies within eight hours of launch. The game is nicknamed “Pokémon with guns” as it takes inspiration from many games and cranks it up a notch.

The game launched in early access and has received a great response from players. It has also reached 561,278 players as its new peak on Steam. Due to so many players logging in, the servers were having some issues, which are being fixed by the developers.

“We are blown away with the response to Palworld, and we're doing our best to respond to your issues. Currently, our server provider is reporting that due to the large amount of concurrent players, the servers have become unstable, and you may be experiencing issues connecting to servers,” the developers said.

Why is Palworld so popular?

The game has surpassed multiple major AAA titles, in terms of players online in just a day after its release. It combines many elements from popular video games in one Pokémon style game and lets people do what they want.

Players can fight or capture different types of monsters and train them to become their ‘Pal’ in the virtual world. The initial reveal by Pocketpair, the developers, led to people believing the game would be like ‘The Day Before’. Full of fake promises and money gouging.

However, they did have a good track record with their previous game, Craftopia. Upcoming updates for Palworld will feature PvP arenas and raids that can be done cooperatively with a team or guild members.

Flying too close to the sun?

While the game is fun, it does closely resemble Pokémon and fans are now scared that Nintendo will do what they do best and sue the developers. Many believe that Nintendo might lose as they do not have the right to pet companion-type games. Others say a viable case can be made.

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