Rocket League announces RLCS 2024 Season

Rocket League devs announces dates and format for RLCS 2024, this year's esports event will be featuring global prize pool of over $4.3 million

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Rocket League developers have finally revealed the upcoming Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) 2024 Season schedule. With Epic Games teaming up with Blast, the event is expected to get even more exposure.

This time, the RLCS 2024 is featuring a global prize pool of over $4.3 million. The event is also featuring a new format with one less LAN event. The minimum participation age was also changed to 13 years but requires consent from parents for participation.

New format

With RLCS 2024, players will now see two RLCS Majors, each with three open qualifiers. Teams moving forward will be facing each other in the World Championship.

Major 1

The First Open Qualifier is set to start on January 26 and will run through February 4. Open Qualifier 2 will start on February 9 and will run till February 18. The third Open Qualifier will start on February 23 and till March 3. Teams will then compete in the RLCS Major 1 same month with dates yet to be revealed.

Major 2

The second Major will also see the next three Open Qualifiers. Open Qualifier 4 from April 19 to April 28, the fifth Open Qualifier from May 3 to May 12 and the last Open Qualifier from May 17 to May 26. Teams will then face each other at Major 2 in June.

All Open Qualifiers will follow the same format of Double Elimination Stage, Swiss Stage and Single Elimination Stage. Teams moving forward from the Majors will compete in the Rocket League World Championship sometime in September 2024.

While on one hand, players are happy with the announcement, on the other, they are calling the new format a step backwards. Since the tournaments are yet to start, no one can be certain if the new format will work as well.

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