Skyesports and Gigabyte partners for Cafe League 2024

Local gamers will now get a chance to show off their skills at the Cafe League 2024 for CS2, hosted by Skyesports and Gigabyte to give new teams exposure

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Gigabyte (Source: X)

Esports has been taking off since last year, however, new players do not often get as much exposure as established teams. To help new teams and players, Skyesports has partnered with gaming equipment manufacturer Gigabyte for Cafe League 2024.

The goal is simple, provide local players a chance to play in a professional environment. This will help them show off their skills as well as increase their chance of landing on proper esports teams.

Cafe League have already kicked off and will run across five Indian cities, hosting an open-for-all Counter Strike 2 (CS2) tournament. The tournament will feature a prize pool of Rs 1.25 lakh.

Here are the cities, locations and dates for the event:

Kolkata - Fusion Max Cafe: January 19 to 21

Mumbai - Next Level Gaming, Goregaon: January 26 to 28

Nasik - Next Level Gaming, Yeolekar Mala: February 2 to 4

Faridabad - The Cabal: February 9 to 11

Pune - Rapid Rounds Gaming Cafe: February 16 to 18

Players can form a team of five and compete in the open tournament to show their hidden skills and move up the popularity ladder in the Indian esports scene.

Speaking on the matter, Supriya Gawde from Gigabyte said, “The GIGABYTE Cafe League 2024 is not just an esports tournament, but also a celebration of the community in local gaming cafes across the country.”

She further said that the aim is also to celebrate the gaming cafes that have helped players with standard PCs enjoy gaming across India. Head of Global Business Partnerships at Skyesports, Sashank Bhandaru also added on the matter saying, “As pioneers of the Counter-Strike 2 Esports ecosystem with our $1 million roadmap for the game in 2024, the association with GIGABYTE came as a natural partnership as we look to support more grassroots initiatives for the promising gaming title.”

Skyesports last year announced that they will also focus on the PC esports scene starting in 2024. Games like Counter-Strike and Dota 2 started the esports culture.

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