Team Spirit dominates ENCE at CS2 Major European RMR B

Team Spirit wins both matches for Day 1 at the European RMR B for PGL CS2 Major, dominates ENCE with 13-0 victory with fan favourite 'donk' scoring 18 kills

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Donk - Team Spirit

Team Spirit

After a powerful run at the IEM Katowice 2024, Team Spirit is back and wreaking havoc at European RMR B. Fans were expecting a stellar performance and Team Spirit did not disappoint.

Day 1 saw the team matched with Astralis and ENCE. Team Spirit defeated both of them to get ready to play a Major qualification match. One more win and the team will be in PGL CS2 Major.

What’s even more impressive is that Team Spirit defeated ENCE with a humiliating 13-0 scoreline. This is not an easy feat, as both ENCE and Astralis are seasoned teams with some of the top players. As expected, the young prodigy Danil “Donk” Kryshkovets popped off with 18 kills.

Here is the Day 1 scoreboard

Team Vitality: 2W-0L

Team Spirit : 2W-0L

MOUZ : 2W-0L

Cloud9 : 2W-0L

Apeks : 1W-1L


Astralis : 1W-1L

GamerLegion : 1W-1L

ENCE : 1W-1L

Heroic : 1W-1L

Monte : 1W-1L

OG : 1W-1L

Guild Eagles : 0W-2L

Pera Esports : 0W-2L

Preasy Esport : 0W-2L

Nexus Gaming : 0W-2L

Team Spirit and MOUZ to fight for an early Major spot

Apart from team spirit, three other teams, Cloud9, Team Vitality and MOUZ also bested their opponents and are sitting on two wins. Including Team Spirit, all of these will now face each other in Round 3 for a qualification match.

Team Vitality will be facing Cloud9, while Team Spirit will go head-to-head with MOUZ. Spirit and MOUZ previously did not get a chance to face each other during the IEM Katowice. Fans are very excited about the upcoming match.

Remaining Day 3 matchups (February 20)

Middle bracket (BO1)


Apeks Vs Monte

Astralis Vs Heroic

GamerLegion     Vs ENCE

Lower brackets (BO3)

Guild Eagles Vs Nexus Gaming

Pera Esports Vs Preasy Esport

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