XDefiant receives much awaited netcode fix with new party system

XDefiant development team is back from holidays and the first thing they did was to improve the party system and fix the net code issues during beta testing

Sarah Andrew
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Latest Update in XDefiant

Ubisoft’s upcoming fps arena shooter XDefiant has received updates which resolve the much-awaited net code issues that players were facing during the beta testing of the game.

Referring to the fix in the game after the update, the XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin said, “We have addressed the weird issues affecting netcode, and we will continue to improve and test our netcode before and after launch.”

Netcoode: Backbone of Online Gaming

Netcode is often referred to as the backbone of online gaming. A bad netcode can often result in lag despite having a good internet connection, misinput or more specifically delay in input resulting in a disadvantage.

Another essential feature, XDefiant’s party system, is also being improved. Players are not able to invite other friends, which is one of the most important functions of any online game. “We are now putting the system through rigorous testing and bug fixing as we get ready for launch,” Rubin said.

He also previously stated that the first thought was to delay the party system. However, a multiplayer game without the option to team up with friends sounded weird. Furthermore, the development team wants to make the game as welcoming as possible to everyone.

The gameplay is very different from Rainbow Six Siege. While Siege is slower-paced, XDefiant is very fast-paced, with players calling it Call of Duty by Ubisoft. For those who want to test it out can register for free on Ubisoft’s website.

XDefiant will be a free-to-play game that is set to launch on consoles as well as PCs. However, it will only be available on the Ubisoft store on PC release. As for the release, date, there is none, but the game has made a lot of improvements and gamers are expecting a 2024 release after the 2023 release was postponed due to bugs pointed out by players.

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