'I will fight until the end' - Spanish Football President Luis Rubiales refuses to step down from his post following Kiss row in Women's World Cup

Spanish Football President Luis Rubiales said he would not resign and continue to fight until the end following the kiss row.

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Luis Rubiales

Luis Rubiales (source: Twitter)

Luis Rubiales is having a tough week following the Women’s World Cup 2023 final. The Spanish Football President was in attendance at the final and praised the team on its maiden title in the history of the World Cup. After the match, Rubiales kissed the forward Jenni Hormoso, which became a matter of discussion among the critics, former Football players, fans, and the Football fraternity.   

The 46-year-old was criticized by the government ministers and members of the sports body and was asked to resign from his post. Rubiales apologized for his inappropriate actions before the international Football body started a disciplinary proceeding against the act of the Spanish Football President. The attention went to the act of Rubiales rather than to the victory of the team.   

'I have never behaved like that' - Rubiales

In the speech at the emergency meeting of the Football Federation, Rubiales could not hold himself. “I will not resign. I will not resign. A social assassination is taking place,” said Rubiales in the assembly. “I am ready to be vilified to defend my ideals. I do not deserve this manhunt I have been suffering,” added the 46-year-old and expressed his disappointment over the controversial moment after the match.    

Luis Rubiales apologized to everyone in the assembly. “I want to apologize without reservations for everything that happened in the box when in a moment of euphoria, I grabbed that part of my body that you have already seen. Of course, I have to apologize, to the Queen, and to everyone who has felt offended. I have been in countless boxes, and I have never behaved like that," added Rubiales.   

Rubiales also said that he would continue to fight until the end. “Jenni was the one who lifted me. I told her to 'forget about the penalty' and I said to her a little peck?' and she said 'OK'. It was a spontaneous kiss. Mutual, euphoric, and consensual. That's the key. Is a consensual 'peck' enough to get me out of here? I will fight until the end" concluded Football President of Spain. 

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