'If you don’t want this child...' - Neena Gupta reveals her conversation with Viv Richards after finding out about her pregnancy

Veteran bollywood actress Neena Gupta reveals her conversation with former West Indies cricketer Vivian Richards.

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Vivian Richards (left) Neena Gupta (middle) Masaba Gupta (right)

Vivian Richards (left) Neena Gupta (middle) Masaba Gupta (right) (Source: Twitter)

One of the finest actors in the Indian Bollywood Industry, Neena Gupta, is one of the celebrities who always remained vocal and unapologetic about her life trajectory. From being in a relationship with former West Indies legend Vivian Richards to bringing up her child, Masaba  Gupta, who is a fashion designer alone as a single parent. She has also asked for work bluntly on social media in front of everyone.

In her recent conversation with Humans Of Bombay, the star remembered the time when she was pregnant, she revealed big news about former West Indies cricketer, Vivian. She said that after knowing she was pregnant she called the former great not only to inform him but also to discuss with him the options available. 

At the time of her pregnancy, Vivian was married to someone else. Therefore, the moment Neena found out about her pregnancy, she called him to discuss the options. And that time, the cricketer encouraged her to go ahead with her pregnancy. The actress revealed that his father did not support her.

'Everyone told me...' - Neena Gupta

While recalling her conversation with Vivian, she said, “I was not very giddy with joy. I was happy because I loved him. I called him and asked him, 'If you don’t want this child then I won’t have it.' He said, ‘No no I would love for you to have this child’.” 

Neena also expressed, “Everyone told me, ‘No, no, no how can you do it alone?’ because he was already married and I couldn’t marry him and go to Antigua to live there. But what happens is jawani mein you are blind (You are blind when young). When you are in love, you don’t listen to anybody. No children will listen to their parents and I was the same.”

Neena also revealed how she met the former West Indies great. The veteran actress said that she was in Jaipur for a film shoot when Jaipur’s queen called the entire cast for dinner, for which the West Indies cricket team was also invited.

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