PKL 2023: Sandeep Kumar’s latest rags to riches inspiration story in Kabaddi

Sandeep Kumar the latest Kabaddi Sensation who has risen from rags to riches is now the main player for Patna Pirates during the Pro Kabaddi League 2023 season.

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Pro Kabaddi League has changed a lot of lives ever since its inception in 2014. Just like the IPL has its own stories, Kabaddi too has some amazing stories that have moved the fans. Sandeep Kumar of Patna Pirates is one such story that has emerged this year.

Patna Pirates have always been looking for a young raider who can lead the team. It has taken them years to replace the indomitable Pardeep Narwal. The emergence of Sandeep Kumar has filled that void to a certain extent.

But what is his story exactly? Why are people talking about a young player who has taken the Kabaddi world by storm? Can Sachin Kumar become the next Pardeep Narwal or Pawan Sehrawat? Here is the simple answer.

Sandeep Kumar takes flight

Young Patna Pirates raider Sandeep Kumar has become a huge talk of the town in recent times. The youngster is the son of a poor rickshaw driver who hails from Bihar. The young man from a small town had huge dreams in his eyes and finally made it to the Pro Kabaddi League this year. After he was picked in the PKL Auction, Sandeep Kumar took flight in the literal sense of the terms for the first time. Speaking to The Hindustan Times, Sandeep Kumar said “It was surreal, the first time I flew was last month. I cannot tell you how good it felt. It was a dream come true. I had never thought I would sit in a plane”

Speaking about his early days, Sandeep said “My father wasn’t with us in Bihar he would drive a rickshaw in Rohtak. I cannot explain how bad the situation was. Only someone who has lived in poverty can understand”

Growing up Sandeep Kumar loved sports but it was cricket that first caught his fancy before one fateful he came across Kabaddi. Once he saw the game being played he fell in love instantly and soon began to play it regularly. Sandeep Kumar was soon invited to tournaments where he started earning money. Despite early reservations from his family, the earnings from the tournament made ends meet. 

“I was asked to study, if not, then if not at least get some job so that the family could earn money. They used to say what can you do in your life by just playing Kabaddi. Things started changing when I began bringing a few thousand rupees after winning local tournaments.”

All this led to his purchase by Patna Pirates and it changed the life of the youngster and his family. “My family is very happy now and realize how sticking to Kabaddi helped me. They support me and also watch my matches on TV.”

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