'Mobile gaming se zyada watching aati hai' - Popular gamer Scout talks about his decreasing numbers of views by streaming PC games

Despite having 4.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Scout only fetches 3 to 4k views in his live streams.

Rohit Kumar
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Scout (Source - Twitter)

Scout (Source - Twitter)

Many gamers have earned lakhs of views by streaming Battlegrounds Mobile India on their YouTube channel. This helped a lot of gamers to make their careers in the gaming field. However, since BGMI got banned, the no. of views on their streams got decreased as they started playing other games while streaming.

Meanwhile, BGMI pro player Tanmay 'Scout' Singh, who also stopped streaming the Battle Royale, faced the same problem and was asked by the fans about the decline in his no. of views. In response, Scout said that live streaming is not getting enough priority on YouTube and also mentioned that a lot of the audience doesn't like watching PC games.

"Firstly, live streaming is not getting that much of a priority on YouTube. Secondly, the games we play, which you can call AAA games ... PC games. So, a niche audience tunes in to such PC games. Thirdly, whichever mobile games are there, those are still getting enough watching. Even today, they are getting around 2K "watching" while playing scrims."

Play BGMI and bark for views: Scout

The 26-year-old YouTuber said that one shouldn't care about the views and have fun while streaming. He also said that he loves to play PC games and opined that Warzone gets over 30K 'watching' on a global level. He said that no. of PCs are lesser in India and this is the reason why they get fewer views.

"You (streamers) stream for "watching" or fun. There's a difference. One should have fun sometimes, right? It should not be like a dog collar, and you are expected to bark for views. Play BGMI and bark for views. No! One should have fun. I love to play PC games and other titles, so obviously."

"Warzone, on a global level, fetches 30K live watching, and at the same time, in India, it's 3K to 4K at max. The reason behind this is the lesser number of PCs across India, despite the country's huge population. But yes, that 3K to 4K who watches such streams hold much power."