Angelo Mathews has a go at Bangladesh players for his 'Timed out' appeal

Following his controversial 'Timed out' dismissal against Bangladesh, Angelo Mathews had a go at Bangladesh players and umpires in the post-match conference.

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Angelo Mathews

Angelo Mathews

The decision of umpires to give Angelo Mathews 'Timed out' became a talking point during the match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in the ODI World Cup 2023. The Sri Lankan batter became the first-ever victim of a timed-out dismissal in the history of international cricket. Many called out the laws of cricket for having such a rule in the first place. 

Others called out the spirit of the game from Bangladesh players. Everything started with Mathews, whose strap of the helmet came off. As the right-handed batter was yet to face a delivery and did not face it despite being in the middle for more than 2 minutes, the opposition captain Shakib Al Hasan appealed for a timed-out dismissal, which was well within the rules of the game. 

The umpires declared Mathews out, as he could not take guard to face a ball within two minutes of the stipulated time. The Sri Lankan batter pleaded with Shakib to take back the appeal. But Shakib denied it. It led to a huge discussion among the fans and cricket experts regarding the spirit of the game of the players from Bangladesh. It is going on even now in the social media. 

'If they want to play cricket like that, stoop to that level, it is something wrong drastically' - Angelo Mathews

After the match, Mathews appeared in the post-match conference. the former Sri Lankan captain was asked about his view on the dismissal. Mathews was quick to respond that he had not done anything wrong. Mathews added that he was ready to face the ball within the stipulated time of two minutes, but could not, as there was a malfunction in his equipment (Helmet). 

The Sri Lankan batter further said that there was something wrong with the way Bangladesh players conducted themselves. "If they want to play cricket like that, stoop to that level, it is something wrong drastically. It was just pure commonsense, I am not saying (doing) 'Mankading' or obstructing the field here, It is absolutely disgraceful," added Mathews, as he criticized the appeal of Bangladesh players. 

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