Kane Williamson gives his opinion on pitch change in semifinal

Cricket News: Kane Williamson gave his opinion on pitch change in semifinal. The match between India and New Zealand was played on a used wicket, than a fresh wicket.

Sarah Andrew
Nov 16, 2023 14:43 IST
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Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson

The pitch for the match between India and New Zealand created controversy. Fans on social media criticized the Indian Cricket Board and the International Cricket Board for changing the pitch. Instead of pitch 7, which was selected as the pitch for the match between India and New Zealand, the match was played on pitch 6, which was decided later. It did not go well with some of the former cricketers.  

The apex board's representative was reportedly not happy with the decision to change the pitch, as it was done just before the match. It was reported that the fresh wicket was going to be good for batting, compared to the used pitch, which was supposedly slow and helpful for the spinners. Speaking about the same in the post-match conference, Williamson brushed away the allegations against India. 

The Kiwi skipper said that despite being a used wicket, it was good. Williamson said that there was plenty on the surface for the players in the first half of the match. "No, I mean, yeah it was a used wicket, but a pretty good surface really, as we saw. I mean, they got plenty out of it in the first half of the match," said Williamson in the press conference. 

It's disappointing to get to this stage and not go further - Kane Williamson

Williamson further said that conditions were expected to change under lights, as has been the case in the tournament till now. Kane added that it was in the expected lines. "And conditions, I guess they change as they go under lights and things, and that's what we've seen throughout this competition. That's fine, that's what you expect and they played really well," added Kane Williamson. 

The Kiwi skipper acknowledged that it was disappointing to end the tournament the way they did. "So yeah, I mean it's disappointing to get to this stage and not go further, but also at the same time you sort of reflect on the seven weeks rather than a couple of small moments and we lost to a better side," concluded Williamson. 

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