Andy Murray trolls Taylor Swift after Kansas City Chiefs win Super Bowl 2024

British Tennis star Andy Murray trolls Taylor Swift after the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 58 on Sunday. The tweet from the 36-year-old had the social media users in a tizzy.

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Andy Murray (Source-Twitter)

Celebrated British tennis legend Andy Murray showed his funny side after the Super Bowl 2024 took place on Sunday. The 36-year-old trolled Taylor Swift whose boyfriend Travis Kiece is part of Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Chiefs beat San Francisco in a tense game with a margin of 25-22. After four quarters, the game was tied at 19 all. When the game went into overtime, the Kansas City Chiefs held their nerves to win this amazing tie. 

Taking to Twitter, Andy Murray wrote “Congrats to Taylor Swift on winning Super Bowl 58. A stunning performance”. The post got a lot of views and likes as the fans loved the post made by Andy Murray. 

Tim Henman speaks out on critics asking Andy Murray to retire – 

After years of hard toil on the courts, Andy Murray had decided to retire from the game. The retirement though lasted for a while before the Tennis bug bit him again. The 36-year-old hasn’t had a fairytale return to the sport. 

Former British tennis icon Tim Henman has spoken about Andy Murray’s potential retirement from the sport. In 2024 the Brit icon has played 10 matches and won just once and lost the other nine matches. 

Speaking to the media, “While he has energy and the enthusiasm, and the hunger, and desire and motivation to keep on playing, he should keep playing. Being a Tennis player is the best job in the world and trust me, there’s plenty of time to retire in the future”

Many Andy Murray fans are sad to see the fall from grace the once world number 1 is suffering from. Tim Henman also said “He has the belief that the wins will come. So as long as he wants to keep playing, I support that. He has earned the right to do that”

Ending his thoughts on Murray the former World Number 4 asked the Brit icon to conjure a few wins. “He doesn’t want to be in these tournaments losing the first round. He is as motivated as ever and what he has been able to do with a metal hip is amazing. I really hope he can get some wins under his belt”