‘Piece of Eiffel Tower’ inducted in Paris Olympics medal

On 8th February the organizers of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics revealed the medal for the first time.

Sarah Andrew
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Olympics Medal

Paris Olympics medal (Source: Twitter)

On 8th February the organizers of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics revealed the medal for the first time. The medal winners of the game will take a piece of the iconic monument the Eiffel Tower. In the latest shared video by Paris Olympics organisers, the medal is seen in a hexagon-shaped part which is made of fragments from the Eiffel Tower.  

For the biggest sporting event of the year over 5084 medals have been manufactured. As per Reuters news agency, 18-gram hexagon tokens are made of iron and are taken out of the Eiffel Tower. This was taken in past during the refurbishments of the monument and storage in the warehouse. The location is not yet disclosed. Jeweller Chaumet has designed the medal.

The Paralympics will start on 28th August and end on 8th September. The Olympic games will start on 26th July and will end on 8th September.

Athletes Commission chaired by Martin Fourcade has led a team to imagine the medals for the Olympic Games.

"It was an obvious choice: to associate the iconic monument of France and Paris, the Eiffel Tower, with the most prestigious object of the Games, the medal," a statement said.

The Paralympics medal will feature a view of the Eiffel Tower from under and be stamped with Paris 2024 in braille – a tribute to the Frenchman who invented it.

Know the backside of the Olympic medal

The goddess of victory, Athena Nike, appears in the forefront, rising from the Panathenaic Stadium that saw the rebirth of the Olympic Games in 1896, a tradition of medals since 2004.

For the first time in this design, the Eiffel Tower joins the Acropolis, which is a mandatory component on the opposite side of the Olympic medal. In this manner, the inspiration for the ancient Greek Games, the French origins of the current Olympic Games, and the next edition in Paris are all represented.

Even the ribbons for the Olympic and Paralympic medals include an Eiffel Tower design. They will be ornamented with the Eiffel Tower's latticework.