Sunil Gavaskar points out India’s problem; expects some changes on T20I side

Former India international Sunil Gavaskar talks about India's problem in the 20-20 World Cup, also questions India's workload management

Rohit Kumar
Nov 12, 2022 08:08 IST
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Sunil Gavaskar

Sunil Gavaskar Source: Twitter

After India’s pathetic display of cricket against England in the semi-finals of the 20-20 World Cup, former World Cup winner Sunil Gavaskar points out India’s mistake in the marquee tournament. With the ball, the Rohit Sharma-led side were absolutely thrashed while a slow start in the powerplay put the batters under enormous pressure early on. However, 168 on a high-pressure game can be considered a good total but for England, it was like a walk in the park.

Former India international rightfully pointed out how India’s slow partnership in the power play eventually played a huge role in their downfall. The duo of KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma were a complete flop in the tournament and it played a role to choke India in their most important game of the tournament. However, the 73-year-old does not want any ‘knee-jerk’ reactions but wants the selection committee to take note.

“Let's not talk about wholesale changes just because we have lost one match. We are very famous for our knee-jerk reactions and having a go at our team. I don't think that is the right way. Yes, I think that hard calls need to be taken and hopefully, the selection committee would take them,” the former cricketer said when he was asked about the changes India should make post the 20-20 World Cup massacre.

“I think the lack of winning the powerplays. Whenever we are beaten in the powerplays, we struggle to win. I think that will engage the selection committee's mind. If any change is going to happen, it will start after New Year once the domestic Indian season begins,” Gavaskar added.

Why does the idea of workload management revolve only in India? - Gavaskar

The 1983 World Cup winner also questioned the reason behind dropping Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Virat Kohli for the series against New Zealand. He believes that the Indian team focus a lot more on workload management but in the end, it’s irrelevant as the big boys of the Indian team are not being able to help India win any major trophy.

“When you can't win World Cup, there will be changes. The team for New Zealand has changes. But everytime we talk about this ‘workload’, why does it only happen when they play for India?” the former cricketer was quoted by Hindustan Times as saying.

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