'Thug' confirms 'Goblin' not leaving S8UL amid departure rumours

check out the reason Goblin is not going to leave Team Soul at least for the next 8-9 months

Rohit Kumar
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BGMI (Source- Twitter)

S8UL Esports' co-owner Animesh 'Thug' Agarwal recently dismissed the rumours of Harsh 'Goblin' Paudwal's departure from S8UL. 'Goblin' has been one of the most consistent performers on Team Soul for its Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) lineup.

Harsh became the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the side when the team won the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) in the year 2022. Rumors have been circulating in the esports community regarding Goblin’s future with Team Soul. The team’s unexpected decision to sideline its star player had left fans and followers surprised whether this marked the end of Goblin’s journey with the team.

C: Thug

In response, Thug denied the rumors and provided details on the issue, and said, "Goblin is not going to leave Team Soul at least for the next 8-9 months, unless we go for a complete roster reshuffle. Team Soul’s current lineup is performing well and the fans should let them continue for now. Goblin has our full support, even when the game was banned last year he had our full support. We have upgraded his lifestyle outside the game and he is being able to fulfill his mothers dreams. I am talking with the players on a daily basis since they have arrived from BGMS. You guys should stop following these rumors and speculations about buyout and transfers. If there are any transfers happening I will be the first one to tell you guys. Also we will keep Goblin in our team till the time he says I need to leave. If he says he wants to leave he can go, but for now Goblin wants to stay with this team and he is happy over here."

He talked about Goblin’s current form and said, "Every esports athlete goes through a rough patch and struggles sometimes. Goblin has done it in the past and he knows he can do it again." He addressed the ineffectiveness of frequent player rotations witnessed during BGMS Season 2.