WATCH: Ben Stokes makes a mess of Steve Smith's catch, burns a review over it too

England Test skipper Ben Stokes was in a hurry to flick the ball in the air after taking the catch but the ball feel downwards.

Rohit Kumar
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WATCH: Ben Stokes makes a mess of Steve Smith's catch, burns a review over it too

Ben Stokes drops the catch (Image Credit: Twitter/England and Wales Cricket Board)

Ahead of the Lunch break on Day 5 of the fifth Test, England Test skipper Ben Stokes made a massive blunder. In the last over before the break bowled by Moeen Ali, he managed to get the inside edge of Steve Smith. The right-hander tried to defend the ball on the front foot but couldn't reach the pitch of the ball.

As a result, the ball spun and took the inside edge of the bat. It lobbed over Stokes who managed to reach but fumbled badly. Apparently, in a bid to celebrate the wicket a bit early, he did what Herschelle Gibbs infamously did in the Super Six game against Australia in the 1999 World Cup. Meanwhile, the difference was Stokes burning a review over it

Apparently, the two-time World Cup winner decided to take a review after some consultation. As it turned out (as suggested by his expression), it was counted as a dropped catch. This now means that they have only one unsuccessful review left in the game.

Watch the video here

Talking about the game, the Aussies need to chase down 384 runs to win the game and the series 3-1. They are leading the series by 2-1. Before the break, the likes of Smith and Travis Head put together 69 runs in just 17 overs. It led to Australia reaching 238/3, needing 146 runs to win.

At the time of writing, the game was delayed by the rain. After the rain was stopped and the covers were taken out, the officials decided to take the TEA break to dealy with the bad light coming into play later in the day. This means that the upcoming session will be played for around three hours to decided the fate of the rain-impacted game.

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