Wrestlemania may witness new heights after Cody Rhodes' loss

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns will lock horns at WrestleMania XL night 2. As suggested by the Tommy Dreamer, Rhodes' loss might take the event to different heights.

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Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes (Image Credit: Twitter)

ECW Hardcore Legend, Tommy Dreamer spoke in the Busted Open Podcast and was featured in the episode titled Can You Smell What the Rock is Cooking? | Thank You Sting. He and Matt Camp discussed The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) promo from SmackDown and the retirement of Sting. In the same episode, Dreamer and Camp also discussed the different scenarios from Wrestlemania between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns.

While explaining the storyline beyond Wrestlemania, Dream said it is important to note that there is much more to this if Reigns became champions. The former added that even though he jokes about Rhodes being a crybaby, there are a lot of examples of overcoming adversity is what you need to do.

“There’s so much more to this if Roman stays the champion. Coz now you have somebody who is pulling the strings behind the scenes as well. There’s such a bigger dynamics with Roman winning.”

“I am telling you this and it makes me feel even more and I joke about the Cody crybaby, but I have given you a lot of examples about overcoming adversity is what you need to do and to continue. And Cody is that good of a babyface to do it.”

Tommy Dreamer suggests a future storyline involving Cody Rhodes

He feels that Cody Rhodes coming at #1 and winning the Royal Rumble again would put him on a pedestal. Or WWE could involve Cody Rhodes in a mega—power storyline by teaming him with Seth Rollins while Roman Reigns sets off to find a new worthy opponent.

He did not count out the factor of Damian Priest’s MITB contract which he can cash in anywhere. Dreamer suggests cashing it on Drew McIntyre, whose story is about winning in front of an audience. Then, McIntyre and Priest could carry their feud while Rollins is available for a storyline with Rhodes.

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