'Abhi toh mai mze me Valorant khel rha hu' - BGMI pro Punkk says he will stream Valorant until BGMI doesn't get unban

Punkk talked about the importance of playing other games and making a career from them as the competition in BGMI community is bigger.

Rohit Kumar
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Punkk (Source - Twitter)

Punkk (Source - Twitter)

Popular esports player Ashutosh 'Punkk' Singh recently organised a livestream on his YouTube channel on March 27 and was playing Valorat with other Indian gaming community players. Punkk made a brilliant career by playing Battlegrounds Mobile India. He performed brilliantly for Team XO and played an important role in their victories in many tournaments.

However, he stopped playing the game after it was removed from all the virtual stores and started playing other games. During the live stream, he also highlighted the importance of playing other games than BGMI. He said that there is a lot of competition in the BGMI esports scenario and there is very less chance for the players to shine in it.

"Playing other games will help players get more chances. BGMI is played by lakhs and only a handful of them get a chance to shine. The invited slots go to the big orgs only. Somehow those who grind and qualify can't make it to the top and then complain about not getting chances. Think about it. More games will create more opportunities with a bigger esports ecosystem." he said during his live stream on his YouTube channel.

Do you think I will play any other game?: Punkk

Punkk was performing very well for Team XO under the IGL (In Game Leader) 'Sensei', who is one of the smartest IGLs in IGC. Punkk also won many MVP (Most Valuable Player) titles in many unofficial tournaments. Team XO also consisted of an aggressive player known as 'Fierce' who was famous for clutching 1v3 or 1v4. It will be interesting to see if they reunite when the game will return or if they will part ways and play for different teams. However, Punkk also stated that he will start playing BGMI once the game returns and will stop playing other games.

"I will immediately start playing when the game returns. Do you think I will play any other game during that time? Right now I am streaming Valorant for fun and to increase my subscribers. I will stream BGMI once it officially makes its comeback."