'Bhai coach banne ke liye bhot experience chahiye' - BGMI pro player Hector shares his thoughts on coach's role in team

The lack of qualified coaches is one of the biggest issues the Indian BGMI esports business is dealing with.

Rohit Kumar
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Soul Hector (Source - Twitter)

Soul Hector (Source - Twitter)

Sohail "Hector" Shaikh, a professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player for Team SouL, recently hosted a live stream on his YouTube channel where he talked about the requirements for becoming a BGMI coach. He underlined that a coach needs to have a thorough awareness of each of the team's four players, including their strengths, limitations, and areas that they need to develop.

Given the dearth of coaches in the industry, he noted that Team SouL's coach Amit "Amit" Dubey employs a similar strategy with his team. He also asserted that if a person had these qualities, players will contact them.

"To become a BGMI coach, lots of experience, brother. See, for the role of coach, as there are fewer coaches, you will need that kind of experience. Coach is not for an organization or people , understand? You don't need to make others believe you are a coach."

"You only need to understand the players... the four players. Like which one has a certain weak point and where you must work. As our coach does, if you can be someone like that, players will ask you to join their org and team."

There wasn't much exposure at Chemin: Amit

BGMI reportedly will be unbanned in a few days after the government removed it from all the virtual stores last year, which affected a lot to the esports scenario and to the players’ careers as well. Meanwhile, Amit, a few days ago also talked about his role and how he got exposure in the coaching field. He also mentioned that winning all the tournaments is impossible so there’s no need to take stress about that.

"Before joining SouL, I was in Chemin, I guess. There wasn't much exposure at Chemin. So, if you remove the exposure, the rest was quite similar there. Initially, when we used to finish second, even then, we used to feel quite bad at Chemin, but after joining here, I made myself understand that winning every tournament is not possible, so there's no need to stress about it." Said Amit on his YouTube Channel.