'I prefer whisky on the rocks' - Manoj Tiwary drops bombshell to point out 'poor' umpiring standards in India's domestic tournaments

Manoj Tiwary was recently fined 20% of his match fee after suggesting the cancellation of the Ranji Trophy.

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Manoj Tiwary (Source: X)

Manoj Tiwary (Source: X)

Manoj Tiwary, who recently retired from all formats, and the Ranji Trophy have been the talk of the Indian cricket fraternity for quite some time now. The Bengal stalwart was embroiled in controversy for suggesting that India's premier red-ball tournament be scrapped. After hanging his boots, he has also made another big revelation against umpires officiating in domestic matches, especially in the Ranji Trophy. 

While raising serious questions about the standard of umpiring, Tiwary revealed that he had seen umpires go into the middle while still nursing a hangover from the previous night. The cricketer-turned-politician has asked the Indian Cricket Board to conduct doping tests on domestic umpires just like players. 

“If a player has to go through dope tests, it should be extended to domestic umpires. Many times I have seen umpires walking out to the middle while still nursing a hangover. The umpires have looked sleepy. How can he function properly in such a situation?,” Tiwary said. 

“I asked, “Sir kya liye tha kal raat mein? (Sir, what did you drink last night?). The reply was: “I prefer whisky on the rocks.” And they laugh. The Indian Cricket Board should get the hearing and eyesight of every umpire checked before the start of each season,” he added. 

There are some childish mistakes as well: Tiwary brands umpiring in Indian domestic cricket as ‘poor’

The Ranji Trophy has been considered a staple of Indian cricket for decades, producing immense talent that shines at the international level. However, Tiwary termed the standard of umpiring in Indian domestic cricket as 'poor' as he witnessed some childish mistakes from the match offices.

“Umpiring for me is the main concern. With all due respect, but the standard of umpiring is poor in domestic cricket. The board should think about how they can improve umpiring. It is not about one or two seasons but I have been witnessing this for a number of years now. There are big mistakes but there are some childish mistakes as well," Tiwary said.

The 38-year-old was fined 20% of his match fee after suggesting the cancellation of the Ranji Trophy. His remarks stem from the feeling that the tournament has lost its significance and charm that had in the past. 

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