On-field tension and off-field resolution: Dean Elgar opens up about Virat Kohli encounter in 2015

This revelation stirs up Virat Kohli's past aggression debate, while highlighting the pressure and occasional reconciliation in cricket's fiery crucible.

Sarah Andrew
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The claims made by Elgar are quite startling.

Dean Elgar and Virat Kohli (Source - X)

In a recent podcast, retired South African batsman Dean Elgar dropped a bombshell about his early encounters with Indian cricketing great Virat Kohli. Elgar claimed that during the 2015 Test series in India, when he was a newcomer on the international scene, Kohli directed a disrespectful act towards him on the field - spitting.

This startling revelation has grabbed headlines and reignited the old on-field rivalry between the two players. Kohli, known for his aggressive demeanour on the field, has faced his share of criticism for his on-field conduct in the past. This incident, if true, adds another layer to that narrative.

Elgar recounted the alleged incident, stating that during an intense moment on the field, Kohli spat in his direction. Elgar, understandably agitated, responded with a stern warning, threatening to retaliate physically if provoked further. "If you do that again I'll f*****g p**s you with this bat. I will absolutely knock you out on this field," Elgar recalled saying to Kohli.

Kohli and Elgar reconciled with a drink

The situation was diffused by AB de Villiers, a teammate of both players at the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. However, the story doesn't end with animosity. Interestingly, Elgar also revealed that a couple of years later, during the 2017-18 South Africa tour of India, Kohli approached him and privately apologized for his behaviour. They apparently spent the night drinking together, patching up their differences.

"Two or three years later we're playing in South Africa, and he calls me aside and says, 'Can we have a drink together at the end of the series? I just want to apologise for my actions.' The punchline is we drank until three in the morning," Elgar said. This incident highlights the pressure cooker environment of international cricket, where emotions often run high on the field. It also showcases the human aspect of these larger-than-life cricketing heroes, who, despite their extraordinary talent, are not immune to moments of indiscretion and the need for reconciliation.

However, it seems that the two of have moved on from this episode as was eveident during the recent Cape Town Test between India and South Africa. That being Elgar's last game, Kohli presented him an autographed jersey and also urged the crowd to clap for him when he was dismissed for the final time.

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