Top 3 Pakistani cricketers who went to jail for various reasons

Cricket is often called a gentleman's game. But there have been breathtaking incidents in the game that has shaken the world. The game has seen some the worst times during the 90s and late 90s era

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3 Pakistan Crickters who were jailed

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Cricket is often called a gentleman's game. But there have been breathtaking incidents in the game that have shaken the world. The game has seen some of the worst times during the '90s and late '90s era when the cricketing field was filled with corruption and match-fixing. Former South Africa captain Hansie Cronje and former India skipper Mohammad Azharuddin were involved in the match-fixing incident that led their cricketing career to shorten and they have been seen as the black sheep as well. 

But this did not stop there were several such incidents that happened in the 2010s incidents that shook the whole cricketing fraternity. This time it was three Pakistan players who have been sentenced to imprisonment due to match fixing. But there are cricketers who have been jailed not only out of match-fixing incidents but on political grounds as well. 

Even the most accomplished players might fail due to societal expectations, financial demands, and the difficulties that come with negotiating stardom. In the article, we will be looking at the Pakistan cricketers who have been jailed for different reasons. 

Here are the 3 Pakistan Players who have been jailed

3. Salman Butt 

Salman Butt was one of the most stylish opener for the Pakistan after Saeed Anwar. The left-handed opener was banned from all cricket until November 2016, after five of the 10-year suspension imposed by the Cricket Governing Body for a spot-fixing scandal during England in 2011 when Butt was the captain he was seen giving instruction to his teammate while he was bowling to bowl no balls and drop easy catches during the game. He was awarded 2.5 years of imprisonment for the very cause but he was released after 7 months of the tenure. 

2. Mohammad Asif 

Mohammad Asif was one of the finest swing bowlers for the Men in Green. But the star never got the fame due to which he was arrested in Dubai for possessing illegal drugs, opium in this case while returning from the Indian Premier League (IPL). He faced 19 days of detention before being released, claiming the substance had been prescribed for energy and blood pressure control. After that, he was again detained for spot-fixing during a game in England and was sentenced to one year of jail. The bowler after these two incidents never got back into the national side and lost with the passage of time. 

1. Imran Khan 

Imran Khan was one of the finest all-rounders of his generation. Imran was arrested in a case related to profiting from selling expensive state gifts during his time in power. He was sentenced to three years in prison and barred from participating in active politics for five years. Now he was announced for 10 years of imprisonment on Tuesday for the Cipher case which he was accused of that he had shared the contents of a secret cable sent by the country's ambassador in Washington.  

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