'Even the cook Harish will earn a lot more than you' - SOUL Esports manager Sid slams fan who compared Jonathan's earnings with Mortal and Scout

Sid explained how Jonathan would not care about a fan who spreads hate on the chat section of live streams.

Rohit Kumar
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Sid (Source - Twitter)

Sid (Source - Twitter)

SOUL Esports manager Siddhant ‘Sid’ Joshi recently organised a live stream on his YouTube channel and was playing GTA RP on the Soulcity server. However, during the stream, he was interrupted by a fan’s super chat who compared Godlike esports BGMI player Jonathan’s earnings with Mortal and Scout.

Sid, who was himself engaged with Jonathan earlier in TSM Entity, responded savagely and said that he doesn’t know the exact earnings of Jonathan but he assured that all the players, including himself and even S8UL’s cook, Harish Ji, earn more than the fan who was comparing the players’ earnings. 

"I don't know the figures. He might earn more than the likes of Mortal and Scout or he might not. I don't know exactly. But at the end of the day, Jonathan, Scout, Mortal, myself, and even the cook Harish will earn a lot more than you ever will. I don't understand these comparisons. Stop making baseless comparisons." Sid said during his live stream on YouTube.

The comparison does not make any sense: Sid

Sid further added that Jonathan won't even care about a fan who spreads hate on social media. He also said Jonathan and other Esports players will continue to earn more in their life and will also progress more so this comparison doesn't make any sense. Meanwhile, Sid is desperately waiting for the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India as his team SouL achieved a lot in the official tournaments and is hoping to continue it after the ban.

"At the end of the day Johnny doesn't give a s**t about you. Neither he nor we want such fans. How you talk rubbish in my chat will not affect his life. He will not buy you a T-shirt worth a thousand bucks. He will not care. He will continue to progress in life. He will keep on earning money. Scout and MortaL will also continue to earn money. The comparison does not make any sense." he added.