'If you want to grow' - 7Sea Esports BGMI pro Aladin reveals how to grow in Indian Gaming Community by controversies

7Sea Esports BGMI player Aladin revealed the trick to get engagement on YouTube by doing controversies against other teams.

Rohit Kumar
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7Sea Aladin (Source - Twitter)

7Sea Aladin (Source - Twitter)

7Sea Esports’ Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports player Taha ‘Aladin’ Khamkar scheduled a live stream on his YouTube Channel on Saturday, April 29. Aladin is one of the most experienced BGMI esports players in the gaming community and has performed well in many tournaments. He is also one of those players who are desperately waiting for BGMI to get unbanned.

However, during the stream, Aladin was playing BGMI scrims with his teammates but while waiting in the room before the match, he talked about how gamers get fame by doing controversies in the Indian Gaming community. Aladin believes that if someone wants to grow, they create controversy with big esports organisations like SouL and Godlike. He said that players drop at the same place where the big orgs drops and then during the fight they fist or pan to get the attention of their fans.

"If you want to grow, create controversy with SouL or GodL. It's a simple strategy. Stream at the same time as they are streaming and land in their drop spot, fist or pan them, and slightly abuse them. It will create havoc amongst their viewers."

Many people intentionally target SouL and GodL: Aladin

Aladin continued on the same topic by using GodLike Esports' Neyoo as an example and making the point that those who want to stir up trouble with him purposefully dive into his drop spots and pan/fist him or his teammates. As a result, Neyoo's admirers show up to their live stream to rip them off, but it also raises the number of viewers.

"For example, if you want to create controversy with Neyoo, you can forcefully drop into Hacienda or Georgopol City, fist or pan the team, and abuse in the in-game All mic. This will lead to some of Neyoo's fans coming to your live stream to give you hate. However, it will increase your watching and help you grow. You guys must have noticed that many people intentionally target SouL and GodL or speak badly about them so that they get noticed."