'I stopped playing the game because...' - BGMI esports player Snax highlights reason behind not playing Battle Royale

Snax highlighted how he grinded in PUBG Mobile after its ban in 2020. However, he incurred losses instead of progressing.

Rohit Kumar
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Snax (Source - Twitter)

Snax (Source - Twitter)

Raj ‘Snax’ Verma is a well-known name in the Battlegrounds Mobile India community. Snax is an Esports athlete who last played for Team XO, however, later, he was released by the organisation as he couldn’t adjust himself to the style of other players from the team. He has seen a lot of success when he used to play for Team Insidious.

Meanwhile, the 22-year-old popular streamer recently scheduled a live stream on his YouTube channel where he was playing Valorant with some members of S8UL. During the stream, he was asked by a fan when he would start grinding again BGMI. To which, Snax replied that as soon as the game comes back he would start playing it again.

"I stopped playing the game because it remains suspended. I will start playing as soon as it is back. Moreover, many of you have been asking me if I have permanently left playing the game. Let me tell you, it's nothing like that. I will resume grinding in-game the day it makes its comeback. Stop being so tensed." Snax said on his YouTube Channel.

I am trying new things like vlogging: Snax

In keeping with the theme, Snax described his PUBG Mobile grind following the game's 2020 ban. However, he suffered setbacks as opposed to making gains. The BGMI star has experimented with a number of new things, like roleplaying in GTA 5 and vlogging. He also plays a number of PC games. Snax remarked that, unlike the previous time, he is happy performing these activities and that they are assisting him in maintaining his home.

"During the last ban, I grinded a lot for six months, but it didn't help me. Those six months ended up making losses. This time around, I am trying new things like vlogging, multiple PC games, and GTA RP. I am happy with that. I can run my household with that. Last time I did not do anything and hence, my household wasn't doing great. This time, I am doing things differently and I am making progress." he said.