Ronaldo's mother reveals why she doesn't visit her son and daughter-in-law Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro has revealed why she doesn’t visit her son and his family often.

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Ronaldo with his mother

Ronaldo with his mother (Source - Twitter)

Portuguese Football star Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro has revealed why she doesn’t visit her son and his family often. She said that she has to travel by plane for hours and it makes her tired. At an event in a shopping center in Funchal, Portugal, Aveiro was asked about her relationship with her son and was also quizzed about why she doesn’t often visit her son and daughter-in-law, Georgina Rodriguez.

Notably, Portuguese celebrity Antonio Bravo claimed that Dolores Aveiro and Georgina Rodriguez don’t share a good relationship. However, Aveiro dismissed all the rumors about this and was quoted as saying, "It takes many hours by plane. It's very tiring,” Jornal da Madeira.

"I think it is a recurring problem, which is the relationship between Dona Dolores and her daughters-in-law (…) sometimes it cannot be constant, I mean, the son also has the right to be happy. If she's always having these things with all his girlfriends, it becomes unbearable, and they look at her, they give up. I think she should calm down a bit, Dolores,’’ Bravo was quoted as saying by Essentially Sports about the relationship of Aveiro and Rodriguez.

'Ronaldo has to come back here (Sporting)' - Aveiro

However, Aveiro agreed that it becomes tiring for her to travel for hours. She said that it is mandatory for flights to have a layover in Dubai before moving to Riyadh when traveling from Lisbon. It takes 15-20 hours to complete the journey on one side, including the layover. She also admitted that she wants her son to join Sporting and also pushed the move last summer. But Ronaldo stayed put at Manchester United. She then went on to reveal the dream that seeing her son and grandson playing together for Sporting.

"Ronaldo has to come back here. If it were my choice, he would already be here. He likes to watch Sporting games. I've already told him: 'Son, before I die, I want to see you return to Sporting'. He says: 'Let's see': But if it can't be him, then Cristianinho!" she said in a podcast last summer as quoted by ESPN.

"At his age, he plays better than Ronaldo," the proud grandmother said of her 11-year-old grandson. "At that age, Ronaldo didn't have a coach but today Ronaldo is his son's teacher. He's already saying 'Dad, when we move to Lisbon I want to play for Sporting'. Now he's starting out at Manchester . Seeing the two of them together at Sporting was my dream, it would be spectacular,” she further added.



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