Scout's sharp response to trolls and haters questioning his future in BGMI Esports

Tanmay 'Scout' Singh, one of the most well known Esports icons of India had to endure through a lot of hate. He finally breaks the silence.

Rohit Kumar
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Scout, BGMI Esports

Scout, BGMI Esports (Source: Twitter)

Following a brief period of calm, Tanmay "Scout" Singh and members of GodLike Esports have once more exchanged blows after their recent team confrontation during the ongoing tier-one Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) scrims.

After the game, other GodLike players posted different stories on Instagram, and Scout replied in kind. The 26-year-old later showed up on Darklord's live stream, where he was pelted with insults and trolls. One of them even said that Scout's esports career was at risk of ending, which caused Scout to lose his composure and respond angrily against everyone who was criticising him.

Scout, one of India's most well-known BGMI and Esports gaming personalities, was upset after encountering a lot of abuse from haters and trolls. He addressed them in his own distinctive manner, giving a thoughtful reply and an audacious open challenge.

Scout inferred that GodLike Esports players had a survival time of roughly five minutes in the game, during which time they land, loot for stuff, fight, get wiped, and then wait for the next lobby. He tells the naysayers that they should worry more about their preferred team than warn him, preferring that they teach GodLike Esports how to last longer than five minutes.

'We're grinding seriously for a better Esports career to represent India' - Scout

"When do they (GodLike Esports) luckily get more playtime? It is when teams like ours (Team XSpark) that are grinding seriously for a better esports career to represent India at an international level are wiped earlier, and smaller teams are left. This is the only difference; there is nothing else," said Scout. The trolls were told to concentrate on the actions of their team, which was only able to last for five to ten minutes by him.

Scout reaffirms that GodLike Esports requires all the help and that his team has a sizable following of ardent supporters. He advises the audience to adopt a fresh perspective and discover the truth because Team XSpark is only constructed differently. They don't like to brag and believe in working hard. They reiterate that their grind is serious and will dominate everyone in a few days.

And to top it all off, he even issued an open challenge to drop in the other team's landing spot and hit them hard after his team qualifies. He may lose himself in the skirmish, but he will also eliminate a handful of their players.

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